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Mr Pasta

From Italian and Argentine descent, our traditions have always been the foundation of the business.

Respecting our grandmother's recipes with only the freshest ingredients, we have been providing Miami with gourmet pasta for decades. 



At Mr. Pasta you will find a great variety of products for all your needs. We offer sample boxes, portioning in any amount necessary, free next day delivery, and of course our utmost discretion.

Feel free to check out our menu or request a special order. 

"La semplicità è l’ultima sofisticazione – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

-Leonardo Da Vinci-

al dente

How to prepare our pasta

As a true Italian would say, we believe pasta should be cooked


If you prefer otherwise, keep in mind that fresh pasta is done very quickly, and you wont find any fresher than Mr. Pasta. Always make sure that your water is salted and boiling before you drop the pasta.

Angel hair: 3 min

Spaghetti- Fettuccini: 3 to 4 min 

Pappardelle: 4 min

Caserito: 5-6 min

Raviolini: 2 min

Sorrentino - Panzotti: 3-4 min

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